Young Investor Scholarship Donation Program

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Young Investor Scholarship Program

Invest in the life of a deserving young investor
with a full or partial scholarship to Investor Summit™.

Help underwrite the costs of exposing eager young minds to the life-changing ideas and relationships found on the Summit.

Robert Kiyosaki and Simon Black held a closed-door Young Investor Session on our 2017 Summit.  The young people raved about it … and Simon said it was his personal highlight of his Summit and one of the most rewarding experiences of his life.

We reprised it in 2018 with an even bigger group of Young Investors … and added Kim Kiyosaki, Chris Martenson, and Adam Taggart.  It was even MORE amazing.

We did it AGAIN in 2019 … and now it’s a tradition.  And it’s a good thing, because there’s an endless stream of young adults out there desperately in need of inspiration, instruction and real-world opportunity.  The Summit provides ALL those things … and MORE.

We never know who the mentors will be each year (ALL the aforementioned faculty members have been invited back) … but we once again already have an amazing faculty stacked with generous high-achievers who all have a heart for the next generation.  So we’re very SURE it will be EPIC!

Now YOU can help put ambitious young people in the room!

Change a life and you change the future …
YOUR future depends on the leaders of tomorrow.

 To contribute today, simply choose from the following options:

Option 1:
Fund an UNDESIGNATED FULL scholarship for $2,500

We’ll use your funds to help fund one or more deserving candidates from our pool of applicants.

We think it’s important for everyone … even young people … to invest in themselves.  At a minimum, any scholarship recipient must provide their own transportation costs to and from the Summit.  If they can’t hustle that up on their own, then they’re not ready for the Summit.

When you fully fund an undesignated scholarship, we may split the scholarship between two or more recipients, requiring each of them to invest some of their own money into their Summit experience.

Option 2:
Fund a DESIGNATED FULL scholarship for $2,500

In this case, you tell us who you’re sponsoring, and unless otherwise directed by you, 100% of your contribution will be dedicated to the recipient you designate.

(After you make your donation, you’ll be redirected to a page where you’ll provide the name of the young investor(s) you’re sponsoring)

Option 3:
Contribute to an UNDESIGNATED scholarship in increments of $100

Here, you’re contributing to our general scholarship fund in units of $100 each.  Simply set the quantity to however many $100 units you wish to contribute.

We’ll combine your contributions with those of others, and will allocate the funds among deserving applicants to help underwrite their registration costs.


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