World-Class Faculty

Experts in investing, economics, real estate, precious metals, energy, and entrepreneurship are coming together for more than a week to talk about the challenges and opportunities facing investors in a rapidly changing world!

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Up Close & Personal

Fortunes will be made … and lost … depending on what you know, who you’re connected to, how well you’re prepared … and what you DO as events unfold. Now … more than ever … this is your chance to get in on crucial and timely conversations!

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Who Should Attend?

The Summit attracts highly successful investors and entrepreneurs from all over the world. Everyone is interacting, talking, listening, learning, laughing, and forming friendships. It’s like summer camp for investors. There’s nothing like it.

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Countdown to The 2024 Investor Summit™



Get ready for an AMAZING week of FUN, SUN, EDUCATION and NETWORKING…with some of the biggest brains in real estate, economics, wealth building, and entrepreneurship!!!
Day 0-2
Jun 13-15
Day 3-9
Jun 16-22
Day 10
Jun 23


Yes, we know the Summit doesn’t officially start until Friday, June 14th. But we start EARLY on Friday … and you won’t want to miss a minute. So PLEASE … arrive in Fort Lauderdale, Florida no later than the afternoon of Thursday June 13th … and get checked into our group hotel (we’ll send you all the details once you’re registered).

Your Summit registration INCLUDES your hotel room for 2 nights … Thursday June 13th and Friday, June 14th, checking out on Saturday June 15th. Anything extra (before or after) is on you, though we can probably get you a good group rate. So when you register, let us know if you plan to get in early or stay late to explore Fort Lauderdale or the surrounding areas.

Summit check-in is open 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm … so come by the Registration Desk (follow the signs) and pick up your Summiteer badge, bag and goodies.

There are no scheduled activities tonight, so be sure to get to bed early so you can get well rested and ready for …




We’re at sea the entire day. So while the other passengers play shuffleboard and compete in the hairiest chest contest, you’ll be feasting your brain on great investing ideas served up by our fabulous faculty.

At this point, you may be wondering about the seminar agenda. So are we. We don’t actually put the agenda together until about a week before the Summit…and even then it’s subject to change.

Because we live in a constantly changing world and we don’t want our faculty to come with canned talks they present at conference after conference all year long. And they don’t have anything to sell you, so no canned pitches either.

This event is a SUMMIT of great minds (including yours), where our faculty members talk about whatever is on the top of their minds, and comment on whatever is currently happening in the markets, and answer your real time questions in an interactive format.

In 21 years, we’ve NEVER had anyone complain about a lack of content or value. So we’re pretty sure you’re going to love it too! Come with an open mind and get ready to expand your thinking, your network…and probably your waist line. On the Summit, you don’t have to worry about your brain or body starving!

In fact, every day we’re at sea, you’ll have the opportunity to dig into a Summit style lunch and learn … Round Table Topical Discussions with one of our MANY subject matter experts.

As topics are announced, you’ll have the opportunity to reserve a seat at a lunch table in the dining room hosted by a fellow Summiteer with specific expertise and experience. It’s not a lecture or presentation, but rather a real-world case study and/or active discussion. You can fatten both your brain and your belly at the same time!

As you’ll discover, the Summit is full of LOTS of smart, successful, subject matter experts … on a wide variety of topics including precious metals, crypto-currencies, agriculture, apartments, resort property, mobile homes, assisted living, asset protection, estate planning, infinite banking (a mind bender for sure), financing, syndication, and much, much more!

After a full day of classroom sessions, it’s back to your stateroom to primp and prep for dinner.
But first, be sure to join us for our hosted Welcome Aboard Cocktail Party. Then head to the dining room to meet your new table-mates!

By the way, if you wondering what to wear for dinner…or for the rest of the time for that matter…don’t stress about that now. Once you’re registered, we’ll send you all kinds of handy reminders and checklists to make sure you have everything you need. This isn’t our first rodeo … or Summit.

And as if the day wasn’t full enough…for the late night crowd, there will undoubtedly be opportunities to explore the ship and hang out with fellow Summiteers. And don’t be surprised if we have some fun late night activity planned for Father’s Day. In fact, you can count on it!





With all that said (and we said a lot!), our itinerary is always subject to change. We obviously have no control over the weather or Celebrity Cruise Lines, so it’s important to stay…flexible.

As far as our class schedules go, the faculty works on their presentations in the two weeks just prior to the Summit so the content is always fresh, current and dynamic. But that also means it’s subject to change.


The testimonials really say it all. Our goal is to deliver a world class and potentially life-changing event, and then add YOU to our long list of satisfied Summiteers!




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We’ll send you all the details once you’re registered
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Unlike a typical conference where you sit in an audience and listen to people on stage … the Investor Summit™ experience is MUCH more personal and interactive.


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