Children on the Summit

On the Summit, as in life, kids are a mixed blessing.

And if you’re reading this, we assume you have children, so you already know they complicate things … but are totally worth it!.

So, if you’ve decided to bring your kids, they’ll have a GREAT time.

The resort is family friendly, and once you’re at the property, keeping the children occupied while you’re in classes is pretty easy.

This year, our Junior Summiteer Youth Program for children ages 2-17 will provide supervision and activities for kids during our class days so you can concentrate on participating in the event.

While you’re in class, your kids can swim in the pool, head to the private Beach Club, and partake in lots of fun activities, all the time being supervised by trained adults who will be able to reach you if they need to.

Probably the hardest part of bringing the kids is getting them signed up!

Here’s what you need to know to enroll your kids in the Summit…

Children and Double Occupancy

  • A child is anyone 17 years old or younger at the start of the Summit (June 11, 2021) who does not participate in the Summit class sessions.
  • A child rooming with TWO adults pays the CHILD registration rate as listed on the Pricing & Registration page. Not all room types can accommodate 3 or more people.
  • A child rooming with only ONE adult is a unique situation for many reasons, so you’ll need to talk with a Summit specialist to understand your options.
  • Discounts (i.e., alumni) do NOT apply to ANY child rate.

Children’s rates include lodging for 8 nights, a resort fee that covers all resort amenities, the Junior Summiteer Youth Program with organized activities and supervision while parents are in class, almost all meals, and special activities. The children’s rates do NOT include admission to any class sessions.

Confused? Stay with us and it will start to make sense. Or you can throw in the towel now and just set up a consultation with a Summit Specialist. No one will think the less of you.

Children (age 17 and below) are required by the hotel to room with an adult.

So even though you’d love to get two adjacent rooms and put your twin 12 year-olds in a separate room so you and your spouse can get re-acquainted in the privacy of your own room, the hotel won’t let you book it that way.

So, for a family of four (two adults and two children) you’ll need to choose the Lower Keeping Suite, Family Cottage or Two Bedroom Townhouse, and you will fill out FOUR registrations (one for each person)

Adjacent Rooms

Because we control all rooms at the resort during the Summit, we can likely accommodate requests for adjacent rooms. The resort does not have adjoining rooms, but our Summit Specialist is happy to walk you through your options.

Rates for Children rooming with TWO Adults

If you only have one precious bundle of joy (or are only bringing your favorite child on the Summit)…or you think it would be fun to pack both your kids in one room with you and your spouse, then the kids qualify for the much lower CHILD rate.

In this case, each adult pays the Double Occupancy rate and the child(ren) pay the Child rate as shown on the Pricing & Registration page.

We realize this can be a little confusing…

Okay, it’s a lot confusing. But we’re here to help!

Click here to contact a Summit Registration Specialist or call 1-888-489-7723 x 1